Holiday Arts and Crafts!

[custom_gallery source=”media: 1984,1983,1982,1981,1980″ limit=”5″ link=”lightbox” target=”self” width=”190″ height=”190″ title=”never”] The weather was perfect for some arts & crafts on the patio today! The residents really enjoyed themselves, while we played some holly jolly Christmas tunes.

Atlantic Christian Academy

[custom_gallery source=”media: 1974,1975,1976″ limit=”3″ link=”lightbox” target=”self” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”never”] Atlantic Christian Academy children came to sing Christmas Carols to the residents in our Courtyard. They even bought cards they made for everyone! The residents and stakeholders were blessed by their singing!

Chapel Decoration!

[custom_gallery source=”media: 1967,1966,1968,1964″ limit=”4″ link=”lightbox” target=”self” width=”190″ height=”190″ title=”never”] The Chaplain and Jennifer social worker took time to decorate the Chapel while enjoying some Christmas music! One of our residents, Olga, also joined in the Christmas decorating fun!

Deck The Halls!

[custom_gallery source=”media: 1959,1960,1961″ limit=”3″ link=”lightbox” target=”self” width=”190″ height=”190″ title=”never”] Our resident, Ms. Pauline, is guiding Maxine, our Activity Assistant, in decorating our hallway tree1 Before coming to us, Ms. Pauline was a professional Event Coordinator & decorator. You can tell she really loves to help us make the facility beautiful!

Christmas Decorating!

[custom_gallery source=”media: 1945,1946″ limit=”2″ link=”lightbox” target=”self” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”never”]Our resident Ms. Pauline is enjoying her time making her holiday room decorations. Ms. Pauline decorates her room for every holiday with her own creations!

Chaplain Appreciation Week

[custom_gallery source=”media: 1954,1955″ limit=”2″ link=”lightbox” target=”self” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”]The administrator and staff honor Rev. Sonia with a delicious Lunch and a beautiful crown! She was so happy and grateful for such an awesome team!