November iCARE Class

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Minnie’s Birthday

Minnie Mouse’s birthday is coming up on the 18th of November. Our chaplain came dressed up as Minnie and brought some activities. We all celebrated with some cake! Minnie Mouse even came in her own car. The residents enjoyed taking pictures in it as well. They all had lots of fun!

Chaplain Appreciation Day

Our chaplain was honored with a beautiful cake and flowers from staff for Chaplain Appreciation Day. The cake was so delicious! Thanking everyone for their kindness!

Skill Competency Fair

Our stakeholders had the opportunity to participate in our annual Skill Competency Fair. It was a hands-on fair. They were reeducated on proper hand washing, decubitis prevention and resident rights. The chaplain also was able to speak on customer service and enlist several for iCARE Training. They were given hand outs and snacks as well. Everyone enjoyed it!