The Nutcracker Ballet

Marvia, our Director of Nursing, Marva, from Quality of life, our chaplain, our volunteer Teresa and children put on a magical rendition of the Christmas classic, The Nutcracker, for our residents! Everyone enjoyed the ballet, and the music.

Memorial Day Observance

The Chaplain, Rev. Sonia, did a Memorial Day Observance for the residents on Memorial Day. They sang Patriotic songs, had a cake and were able to share their loved one’s experiences during the war. We had prayer and tribute to all Servicemen and women that were loss during the wars.

Honoring Our Volunteer!

We honor Teresa Chesnut today for her time in Volunteering at Signature of Palm Beach. Teresa is a devoted and compassionate volunteer that helps us with special events and religious services. She has been with us now 3 years. We honor her with a certificate and a beautiful gift.
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Thank you Teresa for your loving care that you have demonstrated to our staff and our residents! We all love you!

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Good Friday Celebration!

The residents enjoyed a Good Friday Service given by Rev. Sonia the chaplain. We had our Flutist Volunteer Teresa played sacred hymns and Stephanie the QOL sang as well. We had a courtyard service and it turned out beautiful.
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With Communion, worship and prayer. Also stakeholders and family members attended.

Dolores’ Baptism

Dolores a long term resident requested to be baptized in immersion after attending Bible Studies at Signature of Palm Beach.
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Rev Sonia then made sure it was done and the resident and family were so happy for her!

Happy Passover

Honoring Passover at out community!
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A Fabulous Fashion Show!

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The stakeholders and residents put on a courtyard fashion show honoring Black History Month!

Mardi Gras Party!

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The residents enjoyed the Mardi Gras Party put on By Stephanie QOL and the chaplain. Thanking also our volunteer Teresa and Marva activity assistant. They enjoyed the music, dancing and some chicken wings as well! We all had fun!

Bible Studies

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The Chaplain had a courtyard Bible study while the activity assistant made donuts nearby. The residents enjoyed the Word of God as well as the donuts and worship. Later they went to the floors and passed them out.