Nursing Home Week Celebrated!

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Once again all of us at Palm Beach Signature had a great Nursing Home week. It started off with Mother’s Day. All female residents received a little gift. Each day of the week had a dress-up theme and a winner for best dressed. We had Straw Hat Day, Backwards Day, Red White and Blue Day, Funny Glasses Day and Horrible Hair Day. You have to see some of the outfits the staff and residents had on. We had entertainment, a facility cook-out sponsored by a resident and their family, a pizza party given by a family member and karaoke. Everyone joined in the singing. The department heads played a game of “Caught in the Act” where they had to find a stakeholder doing something out of the ordinary and surprised them with a gift card. Then that employee’s picture (with a disguise) was taken and put on a wanted poster. What a blast!!!! It is always a fun-filled and exciting week. We appreciate everyone who helped out. We love the participation and comradery that we have here at Signature. It’s INSPIRING!