A Trip to Florida’s FPL Manatee Lagoon

Some residents of Signature of Palm Beach went to see the manatees at FPL’s beautiful information center in Riviera in January. So many signed up for the trip that we had to go on two different excursions. On the first trip, they saw about six manatees, two stingrays, and some barracuda and snooks.

On the second trip, there were over 200 manatees in the lagoon. The weather had been perfect, cold for a week, which brings the manatees to the warmer water which is discharged from the FPL plant. Both days were sunny and just right to see boats passing as well as water life. The center has a lot of informational displays and the staff is more than willing to help. There are two stories of porches to get a great view of the lagoon and a nice little park to sit and watch the boats go by. We had a great group of volunteers who came along to help, and everyone had a wonderful time. Fun, fun, fun!