iCARE Graduating Class


Congratulations to Nancy, Graciele, Ilda and Milly for finishing their iCARE Training!

Nurse of The Month


Congratulations to Nurse Nancy for giving excellent and outstanding patient care!

March Sacred Six Winners


We congratulate Ariel, Monica and Jake for “Teamwork” Sacred Six winners for the month of March!

Our Sacred Six Winners

Our Sacred Six winners in February for “COMPASSION” were Leasia, Rachael, and Irene. Congratulations!

Give Away Crafts

To celebrate Tootsie Rolls’ birthday on the 23rd of February, our residents made a unique craft. They had to color a large print out of a Tootsie Roll and then roll it up , put candy in it, and tie off the ends. They then had to give this “Give Away Craft” to a staff member. What a surprise! As you can see from the photos, our staff was very happy to receive these gifts. Everyone needs a little thank you once in a while.

iCare Graduates

Our February iCARE graduates were Simila and Tashelle, both CNAs. Congratulations from all of us!

What’s in the Bag?

Our residents at Palm Beach enjoyed a game of “What’s in the Bag?” Each resident picked a number and received a matching bag with something in it. In turn, they had to guess what was in their bag while blindfolded. If they couldn’t guess then the audience helped them with hints.

This sensory game is a lot of fun! Everyone gets involved.

Beatles Mania

The Beatles arrived on February 7th, 1964 in New York. This year on that day, the residents of Palm Beach celebrated with a Beatles Bash. There were pictures of the Beatles hanging everywhere and they played Trivia and Name That Tune. They also listened to a collection of Beatles songs. Some residents got into it and wore Beatle masks. We all enjoyed reminiscing!

A Trip to Florida’s FPL Manatee Lagoon

Some residents of Signature of Palm Beach went to see the manatees at FPL’s beautiful information center in Riviera in January. So many signed up for the trip that we had to go on two different excursions. On the first trip, they saw about six manatees, two stingrays, and some barracuda and snooks.

On the second trip, there were over 200 manatees in the lagoon. The weather had been perfect, cold for a week, which brings the manatees to the warmer water which is discharged from the FPL plant. Both days were sunny and just right to see boats passing as well as water life. The center has a lot of informational displays and the staff is more than willing to help. There are two stories of porches to get a great view of the lagoon and a nice little park to sit and watch the boats go by. We had a great group of volunteers who came along to help, and everyone had a wonderful time. Fun, fun, fun!